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Wedding Singer & Pianist - Demos & MP3s

Demos & CDs

Demo Video - Recorded Live
Laura Napier-Burrows

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Piano and Voice Albums
CD albums by Laura available to buy

Free Downloads - Originals
1. Drift Away - written by Laura
2. Home - written by Laura
3. Never Ending Breeze - written by Laura
4. Beautiful - coming soon
5. Music Takes Me (live) - written by Laura
6. When We - written by Laura
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** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **'Drift away' 10 tracks of original ballads - Piano & Voice
Drift Away Album

1. Drift Away*
2. Someone
3. When We*
4. Romance
5. Forever and a Day
6. 3 Cliffs
7. I Love You
8. Worse Day
9. Yours
10. Lullaby
*free MP3 download

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **£12 including p&p - order by email

'Avisford Park' 10 tracks of popular classics - Piano & Voice
Avisford Park Album
1. Autumn Leaves
2. Evergreen
3. Stormy Weather
4. When I Fall In Love
5. The Way We Were
6. Over the Rainbow
7. Alone
8. Have I Told You
9. Somewhere
10. Misty

£12 including p&p - order by email

Laura performing as a wedding singer in London Laura performing at a wedding reception at the Hilton in Hampshire Laura recording in London UK wedding singer Laura as she sings at the piano Laura's stage piano, singing at wedding service in West Sussex

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